Welcome to Reinhard Mayer Probate Research

As a professional probate research agency wo do manage, in the majority of the cases and by using all available means, to find heirs and to avert the law of succession of the State (treasury inheritance law) in their favor.

To this end we not only offer our extensive know-how and long years of experience, we also have at our disposal many auxiliary means such as specialist literature and our own files as well as access to external data bases. We conduct our research not only by way of correspondence but also personally and locally through our employees in archives and offices.

To guarantee the successful conclusion to a testamentary matter we also procure the necessary documents of civil status and assist the heirs – in cooperation with notaries and specialist solicitors – with the application for the certificate of inheritance and the final settlement after the issuance of the certificate of inheritance.

For curators of the estate our service is free of charge. When we locate heirs we arrange for a contingency fee in the form of a percentage share of the estate. The contingency fee only is due in the case that assets are payable to the heirs and it covers all services rendered.

Up to the time when the assets are due to be paid out to the heirs we advance all arising expenses.

We search for the legal heirs of valuable estates at home and abroad
In general we are commissioned by curators who were appointed by the court

Among our clients are:

  • Probate Courts
  • Curators of the estate
  • Heirs
  • Executors of wills
  • Attorneys and notaries

Our services concerning matters of the estate are called on whenever

  • no testament is available
  • the search for relatives of a testator is especially difficult
  • the courts’ and curators’ own research  remained unsuccessful

Special areas of research:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Austria
  • United States of America

Verband Deutscher Erbenermittler VDEE e.V.
(Association of German Heir Locators – registered association)


Who we are …

Our agency has been active in the area of probate research at home and abroad since 1985. In 1988 the primary focus on “genealogical research” was almost exclusively changed to probate research.

We started out in Moosburg (county of Freising)

In 1993 we moved to Trostberg (county of Traunstein) into a bigger office, which was enlarged again in 2005.